Soccer shoes for the children

Thanks to that wonderful donation of almost brand new soccer shoes in various sizes for the teenagers in the children home. We received 12 pairs of almost unused and brand new soccer shoes and forwarded them to the young boys in one of our children homes. Like most of the boy in that age the kids really like to play soccer but mostly with normal shoes or even with bare feet. Their eyes went huge when they saw the shoes and it was a matter of minutes until they figured out which size fits to each and off they went to the nearby soccer field. Thanks to all those, who are always dedicated to support and help those with fewer privileges.

2014-10-03-TS soccer shoes

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60 more families with clean drinking water

A couple of days ago we finished the installation of another 60 units of BioSand Filters which deliver clean and safe drinking water to each family. As water borne diseases are still a big issue in several parts of the world we focus on educating people and communities as well as to supply drinking water filters. But we wouldn’t be able to supply all that without the help and dedication of so many people, friends, companies, clubs and organization which generously help us through their donations. If you want to know more about our organization or on how you can help please follow the link below on our webpage.

2014-08-13-TS BSF delivery Mae Sa area

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A hard time in the rainy season

During this time of the year most of the roads in the mountains are in a pretty bad condition and are almost impassable. But out team is taking any efforts to make sure that all children are cared for and everything necessary is supply to the projects. Their encouragement is highly appreciated and without such a team our work would be useless.

2014-07-31-TS rainy season

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Tough Canadian Team did a great job

Tough Canadian Team did a great job
A big, big thank you to Taylor, Leah, Eric, Jonathan, Lindsey, Amy and Jamie for your help in the Mae Hae children’s home. We know the conditions were quite hard since a lot of rain and muddy pathways made it difficult to even walk upright. Spending hours on the field to digging holes to plant coffee tree’s and carry stones for the farm’s nursery foundation. Thanks as well to your home community who supported us to build this nursery. The children will miss you all especially playing and sliding in the mud down the hill.

2014-07-12-TS volunteers Canada

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Community Help

We are glad to help more children to get a better education or even the access to such. In a small village in the Mae Hong Son district of northern Thailand was a little children home established by the community. We helped them in the past and continue in the future since it’s a great initiative from the local community which we really love to support. With only a little help we can do so much for the underprivileged. If you want to help too, please contact us

2014-07-04-TS community help

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Wat Chan School Awareness Activity

Just last week the school in the district from Wat Chan had his annual activities for the teachers and the students. Their goal is to create awareness against alcohol and narcotic drug abuse as well as what a healthy and save social structure within the family and community means. We are glad that the school takes initiative on that topic to prepare and teach the children. In this school there are some of the children which are in our foster children program as well as volunteers which helping the children to learn English.

2014-06-26-TS awareness activity

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New Toys for the Children

Thanks to Anja for the generous donation for a lot of toys and for stationaries towards the children in the Mae Hae children’s home. Also a big thank you to all people involve helping to rise funds.

2014-05-23-TS toys-school supply Anja

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