Children’s home gets new solar pump!

The donation of the company Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & Co. KGhelped us to finally realize the dream of a solar pump for the children’s home in Mae Hae.
The water supply for the children’s home has always been our top priority, because the village Mae Hae is located off the civilization in the mountains of Northern Thailand and is not connected to the state water supply mains.
During the past weeks a solar water pump has been successfully installed and put into operation with the help of the great donation.
The water, only operated by the sun, flows now into the children’s home and supplies everyone with water from a river. The water is used for watering the plants and vegetables and feeding the animals.
Of course after processed into clean drinking water using our biosand filters it’s also used for drinking and cooking  🙂

On behalf of all children’s home residents in Mae Hae and the teams of RTF and Thai Care e.V., we thank you for the generous donation!

2018-08-10 BLOG Solarpump MH


About Raintree-Foundation

The Raintree Foundation is a grassroots social non-government organization registered under the Ministry of Interior, mainly operating in Thailand among rural and underdeveloped communities. The aim is to help people through education, appropriate technology and self help projects to improve their living standards. The organization was founded in 1992. It has grown over the years and now serves more than 200 children in 6 projects Present projects are Children’s Homes, Day-Care Centers, manufacturing bamboo and herbal products, informal vocational training, providing villages with clean drinking water by providing appropriate filter systems and supplying water through various pump systems. The staff at Raintree Foundation is continuously looking for new opportunities and ideas as how to better help rural people. The local staff at the foundation is from various local ethnic tribal groups in Thailand.
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