Due to the Corona pandemic the 10 Years Thai Care e.V. anniversary event was cancelled.

But this does not stop us from celebrating together with our German partner organization Thai Care e.V. We congratulate Thai Care e.V. and their team for their dedicated voluntary work over all those 10 years !! www.thaicare.de

Thank you for thousands of hours of hard work writing emails, translations, sending letters, corresponding with foster parents and volunteers, fundraising events, Christmas market events, public relations and many other activities to help children and families in need. With the help of Thai Care e.V. and the donors we could provide over 1500 children with school education and food. Thank you very much for making huge positive impacts in the lives of the children !

We are grateful to have such a wonderful partner supporting the children all those years. We raise our glasses, cheers !!!

Children in school

About Raintree-Foundation

The Raintree Foundation is a grassroots social non-government organization registered under the Ministry of Interior, mainly operating in Thailand among rural and underdeveloped communities. The aim is to help people through education, appropriate technology and self help projects to improve their living standards. The organization was founded in 1992. It has grown over the years and now serves more than 200 children in 6 projects Present projects are Children’s Homes, Day-Care Centers, manufacturing bamboo and herbal products, informal vocational training, providing villages with clean drinking water by providing appropriate filter systems and supplying water through various pump systems. The staff at Raintree Foundation is continuously looking for new opportunities and ideas as how to better help rural people. The local staff at the foundation is from various local ethnic tribal groups in Thailand.
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