A little Christmas story…..

A little Christmas story from Germany that happened today:The Christ Child seems to come in the form of a young man with a mask this year. 👼🏼 The doorbell just rang at the door of my mom Elfriede (2nd chairwoman of Thai Care e.V.). An unknown young man was standing at the door and asked if he could drop something off there for Thai Care. Soon after the young man left my mom told me on the phone about the extraordinary encounter: “And then he took out two crumpled envelopes from the inside of his jacket pocket, smoothed them out and handed them to me. I wished him a Merry Christmas and then he left. He must have parked his car at the neighbors’ on purpose. Maybe to remain anonymous?”I asked her on the phone to open the envelopes.”Anne, there’s money in there. And don’t ask how much!!! One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, it doesn’t even stop *laughs*, one thousand six hundred, ….. two thousand five hundred euros! And no name, nothing! Just a note ‘for Thai Care’, I cannot believe it!”And on my request she opened the second envelope: “Here is also only a small note ‘for Anne – one nicely visit to the restaurant’ with 100 euros in it!”We are now both speechless… and will certainly remain speechless for some time. Maybe I will reach the very extraordinary Christ Child this way:I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to you. Really, I am deeply touched and infinitely grateful. You cannot imagine how happy the children will be about this gift.And I am especially happy that there are people like you. Not because you have donated so much money. But because you are so selfless in this, for many of us, difficult time and your heart is obviously so big that you give a part of your heart to our Thai children on Christmas Eve. THANK YOU.This year has been particularly crazy, I think everyone of us will agree on that. But the fact that such positively crazy events happen again and again makes life worth living. Let’s all look confidently into the future and hope that we will get through the difficult times well and healthy.I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and a healthy and positive New Year!Lots of love, Anne Brouer(1st chairwoman of Thai Care e.V.)

About Raintree-Foundation

The Raintree Foundation is a grassroots social non-government organization registered under the Ministry of Interior, mainly operating in Thailand among rural and underdeveloped communities. The aim is to help people through education, appropriate technology and self help projects to improve their living standards. The organization was founded in 1992. It has grown over the years and now serves more than 200 children in 6 projects Present projects are Children’s Homes, Day-Care Centers, manufacturing bamboo and herbal products, informal vocational training, providing villages with clean drinking water by providing appropriate filter systems and supplying water through various pump systems. The staff at Raintree Foundation is continuously looking for new opportunities and ideas as how to better help rural people. The local staff at the foundation is from various local ethnic tribal groups in Thailand.
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