Children’s home gets new solar pump!

The donation of the company Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & Co. KGhelped us to finally realize the dream of a solar pump for the children’s home in Mae Hae.
The water supply for the children’s home has always been our top priority, because the village Mae Hae is located off the civilization in the mountains of Northern Thailand and is not connected to the state water supply mains.
During the past weeks a solar water pump has been successfully installed and put into operation with the help of the great donation.
The water, only operated by the sun, flows now into the children’s home and supplies everyone with water from a river. The water is used for watering the plants and vegetables and feeding the animals.
Of course after processed into clean drinking water using our biosand filters it’s also used for drinking and cooking  🙂

On behalf of all children’s home residents in Mae Hae and the teams of RTF and Thai Care e.V., we thank you for the generous donation!

2018-08-10 BLOG Solarpump MH

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“Under my umbrella, ella ella, eh eh …”

Rihanna knew how important an umbrella is in the pouring rain 😉

Thanks to Helmut and Uli for the great donation! Perfect to brave the rainy season in the mountains of Northern Thailand! The children can now get to school without being dripping wet!

2018-08-03-TS BLOG Umbrella

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W.A.S.H (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Another workshop done !! Our staff need to learn as well as the children. Awareness and best practices about what WASH is all about. Feel free and share 🙂

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Bye Bye Interns

On Wednesday we said goodbye to the three long-term interns Christina, Dennis and Jeremias, who gave us great support for a year. After the debriefing they are now heading back to Germany.
Here is an excerpt from their report:

“On the 6th of July we had the pleasure to go on our last volunteer trip this year.
First we drove to the ‘Mae On Cave’ where after a a few stairs we took a look at the very impressive cave with alot of shrines.
Lucky to be out of the cave unharmed we enjoyed lunch at San Kam hot springs, where we relaxed in the hot water and reflected on last year’s experiences.
We came to realize that we left Germany with a lot of expectations about Thailand – some of them justified while others turned out not to be true at all.
But we also realized that we will return to Germany with valuable experience, new perspectives and a love for Thailand. Sadly we also have to leave our new family and friends behind.
To end this very fun day we enjoyed dinner at the Vietnamese restauraunt VT Namnueng which was incredibly delicious.
We are very thankful that we could spend a year teaching in Thailand and definitively learned a lot more than we could ever teach.”

We wish you all the best for the future and would be glad if you visit us again!
Now we are looking forward to the next four interns, who will start their journey in our projects at the end of the month!

2018-7-13-TS BLOG Interns Bye Bye

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And again…..

And again, 30 more families are provided with safe and clean drinking water for their future.

Thank you to all your support.

For more info’s or any questions, have a look at our web pages or or just contact us 🙂

2018-06 BSF

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Thank you Maddi – Welcome Noei

Everyone who supports one of our foster children will have come to know the loving nature of Maddi. For almost 4 years, she has actively supported our work. And most importantly: Maddi has always put all her heart into it! It was not just a job for her – the circumstances of the children were always close to her heart and you could always see her good soul in her actions and opinions! Thank you so much for your awesome support!

Maddi will return to Germany in the next few days, but will certainly continue to support us on events in Germany and be there for us!

Even if a lot of tears are falling and we will miss Maddi very much, we’re totally happy about Noei, who will take over Maddi’s responsibilities. She will also be the main contact of Anne from Thai Care e.V. and is there for the foster parents of our foster program. Noei’s name is so incredibly difficult to pronounce, that’s why she likes to introduce herself as “Miss Butter” 🙂 (Noei means butter in English)
After graduating as a physiotherapist, Noei lived in Germany for a year. She has learned German quite well in this one year, but please be a little lenient towards her! It is quite remarkable how good her German is after just one year!
Noei, we are looking forward to your funny and friendly nature and we are sure the work with you will be just as humorous and effective!

Maddi, all the best for you and your son Leon!

Miss Butter, welcome to the Thai Care Family ❤

The Raintree Foundation & Thai Care Teams

2018-05-11 BLOG Thank You Maddi

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Annual Report 2017

Finally we finished our annual report from 2017 with all details what we’ve done to get a step closer to “help people to help themselves”

Annual Report 2017

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