Info Event

Anyone who is interested in our work is kindly invited to come to see Maddi Winterling and Anne Brouer in Leipzig.
After their presentation they have time to answer all the questions you might have.

Fell free to share this post to make sure that people living in Leipzig/Dresden save the date 

More information will follow soon!

2018-11-19 Info meeting Thai Care Germany

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School Award !

Another success in school competition!
Once again, our kids were delighted that they had done well in a competition. At the “Good Thinker, Good Morality, Ensuring Greatness 2018” award in Mae Hong Son Province, several of our children’s contributions from our Wat Chan project were successful. Nathanon and Warumporn have even won the Golden Award of Mae Hong Son Province and have received certificates and prizes for their outstanding craftsmanship.

2018-11-09 School Award

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Trauma Healing

Last week, our team in Chiang Mai attended a trauma seminar. Peggy, a longtime acquaintance of Raintree, works as a trained therapist and has trained our staff to deal with past and present traumas.
It was not just about dealing with oneself and illuminating one’s own problems, but above all about being able to better assess the children of our projects. In the future, we will be able to work even better and more intensively with our children.
Not only our office staff attended the seminar, but also the house parents of the children’s homes, for whom this seminar is particularly important!

2018-10-26 Trauma Healing

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One Team

For more than 8 years we’ve been working together with our partner organization Thai Care e.V. in Germany very closely! In addition to the daily e-mails that are required to be able to run our foster project optimally, to discuss donation purposes and to inform each other about activities and work content, we also skype together regularly.
These skype dates are always fun and of course very effective. A lot can be discussed via Skype in an hour, which would otherwise take a half day of e-mailing each other back and forth. And skype gives you a great sense of community despite the distance of 8,500km … There are no borders! We are ONE team!
And over the time we became friends, so sometimes even our dogs are lifted into the picture and are greeted warmly 😀
Transparency is the top priority of both organizations, which makes Thai Care e.V. to one of the best partners we can imagine!

ThaiCare partner Raintree

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Thai Care member runs Berlin Marathon to help children

The countdown is on –> only 3 weeks left!
On September 16th the Berlin Marathon takes place for the 45th time. Our member and treasurer Markus Brouer is starting as a runner for the first time and of course, wholeheartedly for Thai Care!

Under the motto “Every kilometer counts”, he will run 42.195 km, earning as many donations as possible for the children in Thailand.

How it works:
We are looking for supporters who sponsor every kilometer run by Markus with a self-chosen amount.
Whether it’s 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent or 1 euro! Every kilometer counts.
Write an email to or leave a comment with how much you are willing to support Markus and off you go!
Thai Care’s First Chairperson Anne will keep you up to date directly from Berlin!

2018-08-24-TS BLOG Thai Care member runs Berlin Marathon to help children

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Children’s home gets new solar pump!

The donation of the company Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & Co. KGhelped us to finally realize the dream of a solar pump for the children’s home in Mae Hae.
The water supply for the children’s home has always been our top priority, because the village Mae Hae is located off the civilization in the mountains of Northern Thailand and is not connected to the state water supply mains.
During the past weeks a solar water pump has been successfully installed and put into operation with the help of the great donation.
The water, only operated by the sun, flows now into the children’s home and supplies everyone with water from a river. The water is used for watering the plants and vegetables and feeding the animals.
Of course after processed into clean drinking water using our biosand filters it’s also used for drinking and cooking  🙂

On behalf of all children’s home residents in Mae Hae and the teams of RTF and Thai Care e.V., we thank you for the generous donation!

2018-08-10 BLOG Solarpump MH

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“Under my umbrella, ella ella, eh eh …”

Rihanna knew how important an umbrella is in the pouring rain 😉

Thanks to Helmut and Uli for the great donation! Perfect to brave the rainy season in the mountains of Northern Thailand! The children can now get to school without being dripping wet!

2018-08-03-TS BLOG Umbrella

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