The Manlift Way

Thank you so much to the entire team of “Manlift” and Ian, for your visit at our children’s home next to the Hot Coffee Guesthouse and especially for the absolutely generous donation towards the children. The team consists of a group of cyclist friends from Dubai and while on their way doing the Mae Hong Son loop, our team met them for a small break at the Hot Coffee Guesthouse to directly receive their donation to support the children’s home ☺
Our teams from the Raintree Foundation, Thai Care e.V. and the Hot Coffee want to thank the whole team again for the big contribution to help us to help others and change lives.

2018-02-21-TS BLOG The Manlift Way

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Thank You

Thank you, Alan Pratt and for being part of helping people to help themselves!
Thank you for being a long term guest and supporter at our to support the children home there. Your new video is great and we are happy to share it as well

Check out their tours !!

alan thai bike

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Nam Som Kindergarten

Nam Som Kindergarten

What a great success! First we want to thank Zyagnum and Gesinas for their contribution and help towards the Raintree Foundation and Thai Care e.V..

At the Nam Som school in the Wat Chan area there was the need of a new kindergarten. The parents and teachers started building it by themselves with recycled framework and roof tiles and put in all their time to work for the community. But still there was a need for funding floor tiles, wood for the walls, color and equipment. Through the great help of Zyagnum and Gesinas the kindergarten was finished in short time with all villagers, parents, teachers and even children involved in the building process. What a great example of working with and for your own community, which is exactly what ThaiCare e.V. and the Raintree Foundation focuses on. Help people to help themselves!

For more information about what we are doing, click on the links highlighted.

Thank You J

2018-02-06-TS BLOG Nam Som Kindergarten Collage resized

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Thank you Helmut and Uli

Thank you Helmut and Uli and all donors involved to celebrate a belated Christmas and New Year with the children. Beside warm blankest, pyjamas, shoes, toys, hygiene articles, kitchen supplies and much, much more, plenty of vegetables, fruits and meat were ready for the evening BBQ.

Together preparing the food and sitting in the cold evening around the BBQ was an unforgettable moment while eating and laughing and having fun.

We want to thank you for your help, ongoing support and all people involved made this day so special. If you want to know more about our projects please have a look on for German or for English 🙂


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Merry Christmas and a Good Year 2018

2017 RTF christmas card

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Reasons enough why we do what we do… :-)

2017-11-01-TS BLOG Reasons

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Raintree Team staff retreat and child protection policy implementation

Once a year our whole team meet up to reflect the past months and spend time together to relax but also share our visions for the future of our projects.

This year we went to UHDP ( which focuses on community mobilization especially for minorities and several ethnic tribes. We are really glad we had the chance to be at the center to learn plenty of practical ways to improve our environment, community, but also our spiritual lives.

Beside sharing, chatting, and spending time together our foundation has implemented our official “child policy” which ensures the safety and best practices towards the children we take care of. The detailed policy will soon be on our new website for you to read.

Time is running so fast and we are already preparing for the cold season, Christmas and the coming 2018. Stay tuned and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info and updates via and share us on social media and please check our new webpage!

2017-10-Ko, RTF staff retreat 2017 331

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