Farewell …. and welcome!

It has already been a few weeks since we had to say goodbye to our former volunteers. And again the volunteers were an excellent support for us. Not only did they teach all the village children at school every day … No! In addition, they gave English lessons in the evenings and organized great activities for the children. The English camps in particular have been a great success and will certainly remain in good memory for the children in the children’s homes for a long time. Some children will thank you even more because you became a foster parent  Thank you so much!!!
Our volunteers, who are all helping in different projects, also have the opportunity to get to know each other better and, above all, to exchange ideas at the monthly volunteer meetings. They spend the weekend in the mountains, at the lake, with a cavehike, bamboo rafting or whatever. Definitely with a lot of fun! Our employees from the office in Chiang Mai always come up with something great.
So our new volunteers can look forward to what awaits them in the coming school year.
Above all, we wish them a lot of fun and success with their new task: teaching the children. 
Have a great time which you will hopefully remember for a long time! And many thanks for your valuable work!

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That’s been a huuuuuge visit :)

Two weeks ago Michael, his wife and their 12 children came to visit our MNC children’s home. We played games in the evening and had a BBQ together. They brought a lot of candy and games for the kids. All kids really enjoyed it.

The following day we left from MNC children’s home and headed to MLN to visit their two foster children Phuttakhun and Sirasit. They also brought a lot of candy and games for both children.

They are indeed a big and lovely family.

Thank you for supporting us 

2019-08 Tormannen Family Foster Visist

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Last week we had a great visit from Supporter Jersey!

This company, located in Bangkok, donated 30 football shirts and a lot of other things for our kids like soaps, powder, etc.
They even brought it directly to our Raintree office in Chiang Mai. It was a great visit, thank you guys!!

Raintree Foundation Supporter Jersey

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A great report about two retirees who…

…are traveling as backpackers!
On one of their exciting trips they made a stopover at the Hot Coffee in Mae Na Chorn!
If you also understand German please read here what they write about their impressions:


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Wonderful Pictures

A few months ago Erin Shepley from Photographers without borders https://www.photographerswithoutborders.org/ visited us in Chiang Mai. (2018) Our office team took her on a trip to the foster children and Erin shot really great pictures!
Click the link to find more of her photographs: http://erinshepleyphotography.com/

We will present a selection in a slideshow soon.
Here’s a little taste of what you get if you combine a great photographer with cute and happy children 


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Save the Date – 10th Anniversary Thai Care e.V.

Happy Birthday to our partner Thai Care e.V. from Germany! 🎊
9 years ago Thai Care was founded and we are happy to announce that they will celebrate a big party next year on their 10th anniversary!
Safe the date: 20.06.2020
More info will follow soon 🎈


10th Anniversary Thai Care e.V..jpg

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English Camps 2019

Last month the summer vacations for the students took place. To escape boredom, the current volunteers organized several English camps for the children together with the RTF.
In three different camps, games and fun were combined with learning English for 2-3 days.
With their great activities the volunteers created an unforgettable time for the children.
Although learning English was firmly in focus, the games provided a lot of fun and strengthened the team spirit of each group!
The best moment for the children (but also for the volunteers) was certainly the water battle in the afternoon, to refresh each other from the heat.
We would like to thank our volunteers for their great commitment!!! It’s great to have you 



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