Just think about how important clean and safe drinking water is around the whole world. The Bio Sand Filter from www.cawst.org has made a big difference for thousands of people and we are doing our part in Thailand.


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Hot Season in Thailand

Hot Season in Thailand…but we keep on going. After the Thai New Year (Song Kran), Lukas our intern from Austria painting the children rooms to surprise all kids when they are back from the school summer holidays. But there is more to do and the house parents renew the beam from the kitchen roof. So now we are good to go for the rainy season and safe inside the kitchen. We are glad and happy to have such dedicated staff but also thanks to Lukas who is helping out wherever he can. For more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us and please share and like us.

2016-04-26-TS BLOG Hot Season in Thailand

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Best NGO Award 2015

Thailand’s Best NGO Award. Finally we made the 3rd place. Congratulation to all people involved and our whole Team in Thailand and Germany.

2016-03-31-TS Thailand Best Ngo Award 2016

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New Toys = Happy Children

Thank you Cassandra, just have a look yourself, how happy the kids are with all the fluffy toys you gave them. Small things can make big smiles. Thanks a lot.

2016-03-17 Toys

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Foster Parent Visit

Thank you Alex for your support of our foster children program. It was nice to welcome you in Thailand and made it possible to meet Chaitong at his home. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible and to make ensure that all donations are going to where they were needed. Thanks a lot for all people involved. If you also want to know more about our foster program and/or foundation please don’t hesitate to contact us and “like” and “share” us on Facebook.

2016-03-01-Ko, Alexander visit Chaithong 02

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Fortunately we have been able to join one of the first coffee processing workshops in Thailand which was organized by Torch Coffee in cooperation with the Wawee Organic Coffee Learning Center. This was such a great opportunity to learn more about coffee process, roasting and cupping. As Raintree Foundation it is our main goal to help the rural coffee farmers in Northern Thailand to being able to grow high quality coffee, teach them to know that they have a great coffee and also provide help to have access to the world market to generate a good and worthwhile income. In the near future we want to establish “Karen Coffee” as a unity of farmers, being named after the ethnic hill tribes we work with to identify themselves with their own products. If you want to know more about our foundation and our coffee project please contact us and help us spread to word on social media like Facebook too.

2016-02-11-TS-BLOG Torch-Wawee Processing Camp

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Happy Children

See yourself what second hand bicycles and pedal-scooters bring to the little children in rural Thailand. Thanks a lot Joshua as well for the shoes which having now new feet’s to walk with. Please share our message and “Like” our Facebook page to reach more people all over the world to help people and children in need.

2016-01-26-TS Donation

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