Uno and football at the children’s home

Niklas is one of our current volunteers and started supporting the school in Mae Sa in summer.
He teaches English in the village school in the morning and participates in school activities. And when everyone is back home after school, Niklas helps with the daily work. But of course, playing should not be overlooked! Whether Uno or football, everyone wants to play with Niklas! 🙂
Last week, the school won the 2nd prize at the school football championship and Niklas made the headmaster very proud.
Keep it up Niklas! And thank you for your great support!!!

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Dedication above…

Hello everyone. Some of you have already heard of Wolfgang Illich, one of our foster parents. He visited his foster children together with his daughter and a while ago we posted some pictures of their last visit. Wolfgang has been an awesome support over the past few years. He works for a German company which works together with ProTechTransfer, owned by Ralf Oberg (founder of Rain Tree Foundation), so at least once a year Wolfgang travels to Thailand for work. But not only for work. He always has presents for his foster children with him and whenever he finds time he also visits them!
Wolfgang wrote a report for the internal magazine of his company. It’s worth a read and the best thing: it’s in English! 

Click here to read the report:

Wolfgang, thank you so much for your generous support!


Raintree Wolfgang illich report rofin

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Thank you for join our Open House!

Time flies and the open door of our new students’ dormitory has already taken place a few weeks ago. We wanted to briefly report that we had a nice and successful weekend. Many interested people stopped by and of course our employees from the other children’s homes and our volunteers were there too. We used the open house as an opportunity to do our Staff Retreat the day before, which is held at least once a year. After a common worship our staff cooks/eats together and there usually will be workshops or presentations. The employees of the individual institutions have the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with each other and also with our office staff. Every year we have a great time together and the retreat always stays in everyone’s memory!

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Open House

To all RTF followers from Chiang Mai and surrounding area:
On Saturday the time has finally come and we invite you to the Open House in our “Garden Eden” in Doi Saket. It’s the newest of our projects where pupils and students who want to attend a secondary school or university, but whose families cannot make it happen due to financial reasons, will be able to live here in the future. We look forward to your visit 


2019 Raintree open House

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Farewell …. and welcome!

It has already been a few weeks since we had to say goodbye to our former volunteers. And again the volunteers were an excellent support for us. Not only did they teach all the village children at school every day … No! In addition, they gave English lessons in the evenings and organized great activities for the children. The English camps in particular have been a great success and will certainly remain in good memory for the children in the children’s homes for a long time. Some children will thank you even more because you became a foster parent  Thank you so much!!!
Our volunteers, who are all helping in different projects, also have the opportunity to get to know each other better and, above all, to exchange ideas at the monthly volunteer meetings. They spend the weekend in the mountains, at the lake, with a cavehike, bamboo rafting or whatever. Definitely with a lot of fun! Our employees from the office in Chiang Mai always come up with something great.
So our new volunteers can look forward to what awaits them in the coming school year.
Above all, we wish them a lot of fun and success with their new task: teaching the children. 
Have a great time which you will hopefully remember for a long time! And many thanks for your valuable work!

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That’s been a huuuuuge visit :)

Two weeks ago Michael, his wife and their 12 children came to visit our MNC children’s home. We played games in the evening and had a BBQ together. They brought a lot of candy and games for the kids. All kids really enjoyed it.

The following day we left from MNC children’s home and headed to MLN to visit their two foster children Phuttakhun and Sirasit. They also brought a lot of candy and games for both children.

They are indeed a big and lovely family.

Thank you for supporting us 

2019-08 Tormannen Family Foster Visist

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Last week we had a great visit from Supporter Jersey!

This company, located in Bangkok, donated 30 football shirts and a lot of other things for our kids like soaps, powder, etc.
They even brought it directly to our Raintree office in Chiang Mai. It was a great visit, thank you guys!!

Raintree Foundation Supporter Jersey

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