Volunteer Activity

Our dear volunteers wrote a report of the January’s activity:

“Our first stop this morning was the „Royal Flora Park“ where we could drive around on bicycles. We really enjoyed this since we were not able to for the past few months and we may have lost Khruu Noi a couple of times. The perfect weather and these historical temples just got us pretty excited.
After this floral experience we headed to a handicraft market where we took the chance to buy some gifts for our students, especially those who will leave the school in March and since everything was cheaper than on an actual market we made some great deals 
Afterwards it was time for lunch, which did not cease to amaze us. The buffet in the fancy hotel near the Maya mall was exquisitely fancy and we felt really close to celebrities, even though we were literally just eating like we have not eaten before.
Then we visited the „Central Festival Mall“ and spent a good amount of money on necessities, because we are going to Hua Hin for the next few days for our midterm seminar. Although we were we still pretty full, we were headed to the next food location which turned out to be for Farangs only. But as usual, it was more than fine to hear a familiar language and also to see a known face, because one employee is actually from Chaem Noi, the village where Charlotta is staying.
This mostly concludes this volunteer activity, although Khruu Noi drove us in the center of Chiang Mai where we finished of this awesome day.
At this point it only seems right to thank everyone who organized this day and was kind enough to take us along. Thank you so much!”

Volunteer Activity 2020

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Happy Children’s Day 2020

We celebrate our children every day , but today there is National Children’s Day in Thailand!

Therefore His Majesty the King has published a message for all children in which he speaks about how “Knowledge and morals are the important foundation of virtue and prosperity. Every child must strive to study, so they are equipped with knowledge and morals, so they will grow up to become quality and capable adults who will bring about virtue, prosperity for themselves and society as a whole.”

That is why we would like to thank our house parents of the individual children’s homes in particular today, because they are largely responsible for ensuring that our project children are brought up with the necessary dose of morals, knowledge but also lots of love!

THANKS for your unfailing work!   

Children Day 2020

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Merry Christmas

Thank you for your ongoing support and help during all those years.

Our team from the Rain Tree Foundation in Thailand and Thai Care e.V. in Germany wishes you Merry Christmas and a good start into 2020!
May the new year being even better be it private, business, health, friends and family.

Christmas Raintree Foundation Thia Care

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Thanks to Linda and her team for the great support every year!

Christmas Tree Donation help

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A report from our current volunteers:

” we, the volunteers, took our first day trip together. We’ve all been very excited as we haven’t made a joint trip since we arrived. We were picked up at 9 am by khru noi in the girlhouse. We waited at big c, where we missed the car with noei and niklas several times. Surprisingly, it was fun.
That’s why our second stop was in an umbrella center where fans, paintings and of course umbrellas were made. It was fascinating that every woman in every position knew exactly what to do and was so familiar with every movement of the hand. After this experience, we went to the caves near Chiang Mai. This special action was characterized by many stairs, damp cave walls and temples-like architecture. We loved to see the monkeys and their babies as they came by to get some food. To satisfy our own appetite, we made a short stop for pad Thai and homemade ice cream. Even those who chose “sweet potato” as taste had a great time because of the excellent landscape around us. Shortly afterwards we visited the hot springs that were fun but were also sweaty, since the weather is still not what we would call ” winter
In Germany. Nevertheless, we loved it, although there was always a strange smell of boiled eggs in the air. After some members of our “trip crew” enjoyed a one-hour massage, we were ready again. We went to a chic Vietnamese restaurant that always amazed us.
All in all, we had a great and entertaining time and enjoyed every second because we were allowed to see more of this beautiful country. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and wanted to thank Khru Noi and Noei for this magnificent day.

Niklas, Rebekka, Laura, Charlotta and Cora

2019-10-17-PN, Volunteer activity (3)

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Uno and football at the children’s home

Niklas is one of our current volunteers and started supporting the school in Mae Sa in summer.
He teaches English in the village school in the morning and participates in school activities. And when everyone is back home after school, Niklas helps with the daily work. But of course, playing should not be overlooked! Whether Uno or football, everyone wants to play with Niklas! 🙂
Last week, the school won the 2nd prize at the school football championship and Niklas made the headmaster very proud.
Keep it up Niklas! And thank you for your great support!!!

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Dedication above…

Hello everyone. Some of you have already heard of Wolfgang Illich, one of our foster parents. He visited his foster children together with his daughter and a while ago we posted some pictures of their last visit. Wolfgang has been an awesome support over the past few years. He works for a German company which works together with ProTechTransfer, owned by Ralf Oberg (founder of Rain Tree Foundation), so at least once a year Wolfgang travels to Thailand for work. But not only for work. He always has presents for his foster children with him and whenever he finds time he also visits them!
Wolfgang wrote a report for the internal magazine of his company. It’s worth a read and the best thing: it’s in English! 

Click here to read the report:

Wolfgang, thank you so much for your generous support!


Raintree Wolfgang illich report rofin

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