Christmas is getting closer and…

…the first gifts have already reached us.On Monday our partner organisation Thai Care e.V. received an e-mail from Daimler AG (Mercedes Germany), which we had been waiting for so long. In March Thai Care had submitted an application for a project funding to Daimler ProCent…. and on Monday Daimler finally sent an assurance to support the project with 16,500 Euros. For all those who read over it: sixteen thousand and five hundred Euros. Isn’t that awesome? Next week we will present what we have applied for 🙂For everyone who’s interested in what Daimler ProCent is: “Daimler ProCent shows that a lot can be achieved with a large number of small contributions. Daimler employees voluntarily donate the cent amounts of their net monthly salaries. The company matches each donated cent with another cent and thus doubles the total amount. The proceeds are used for charitable projects in Germany and abroad, which are proposed exclusively by the workforce. The projects promoted are mainly in the fields of supporting children and young people, charitable work, support for the disabled and conserving nature and the environment.”Source:…/corporate-citizenship/procent/

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This is what happy children look like!

After a long time of waiting, finally some biosand filters (BSF) could be installed again. The Corona situation made it impossible to reach the villages for a couple of months, so that the prepared filters had to wait uninstalled in the Thai office in Chiang Mai for a long time. Now finally these BSFs could be installed at two foster children‘s homes. A huge thank you to Benjamin and Ulrich, who provided a water filter for their foster children, so that the family now has easy access to clean drinking water. Thanks to your help, illnesses due to dirty water are reduced to almost zero!

If you are interested in how the BSF work, please have a look at our website:

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The future of our children !

Dear Raintree friends, today a great memory popped up on my private Facebook page. The photo was taken exactly 10 years ago today. It shows the children from the children’s home in Mae Na Chorn in the mountains of northern Thailand.

The boy playing the guitar is Narongchai. At that time he lived with his sister Nisapawn in the children’s home. After they finished school, it was time for them to leave our project and stand on their own two feet. On the one hand it is always very sad when our children leave our projects, but on the other hand it means that they are mature enough to go their own ways. But of course we are even happier when we hear from them every now and then. Narongchai checks in with me regularly. I am always more than happy to hear from him 🙂Two weeks ago he wrote me that he finished his apprenticeship as a pastry/bakery chef and that his sister successfully finished her teaching studies and starts her job as a teacher this October. (I am allowed to show you the photos here).I am so proud of these two. They have grown into awesome adults who are successfully forging their own paths. It is especially nice to see that they still think back very positively to their time in the children’s home. Narongchai wrote me “Thank you for the great opportunity in childhood”.

It shows once again how important our work in the projects is. The support of our volunteers is worth its weight in gold: not only do they help our children learn English, but also the international contact helps them to think outside the box and to overcome their fears of foreigners, because the children come from very remote villages and have no other contact with foreign cultures. But also the support of our sponsors is invaluable, because through their financial support we can help the children and pave their way to a carefree future through a good education. I would like to thank all those who have supported us so energetically for years in our development aid.

The careers of Narongchai and Nissapawn show how important our work is. Such stories are the very best motivation for us and show that we still have to give a little help to many children from disadvantaged families. Have a nice weekend ❤Kind regards,Anne from Thai Care, partner of Raintree Foundation

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Clean drinking water for our foster children

Due to the Corona pandemic, it was very difficult to reach the villages for quite some time, because the villagers in the remote mountain regions literally “locked” their villages. Therefore we are very happy, that two biosand filters could be installed at the families of two children from our foster program last week. A big THANK YOU to the foster parents, who, through their monthly contribution, not only secure the school life of the child and provide good health care, but with an additional donation have now also ensured that the whole family is supplied with clean drinking water 🙂 Great!!! Thank you so much. Here are a few impressions:

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Thank you to the German Embassy in Bangkok and Solaris Green Energy

Better late than never, the Raintree Foundation and the children in Ranong are so thankful for the support of the help us to renovate the children’s home facilities and toilets. But also we want to say thank you to for the installation of a 10KW hybrid solar system including Lithium battery storage to almost eliminate the monthly electricity costs but also save the environment. Thanks also to all the children and people who helped to make the home a better and nice place. Also the garden was extended with vegetable and tree for the future. Stay tuned and follow us 🙂#germanembassybangkok #solarisgreenenergy

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Oh, you haven’t heard from us…

… for such a long time! That’s why we would like to give you a little update today. Our children from all projects are doing incredibly well. The school year is over and some of the children’s home kids are spending time with their families. In the last few months the foster children have received many letters and gifts from their foster parents. The different daily routine (due to home-office, lockdown, etc.) of many sponsors and the thought of helping people who are certainly less well off than many of our sponsors during the pandemic has motivated many sponsors to do something good for their children in addition to the sponsorship contribution. We would like to thank them on behalf of the children! As you can see on the photos, the children are really happy about their gifts 🙂 .Now Kung from our office in Chiang Mai is just on her way to the foster project Wat Chan to visit the foster children there and to have conversations with the parents and teachers. The visit of our foster children from our Mae La Noi project will then take place at the end of April after Songkran and will be accompanied by Noei. Of course Kung and Noei will bring current photos, letters, and drawings of the children to the office in Chiang Mai. There everything will be translated and will be sent as soon as possible to Germany and the rest of the world to make the sponsors happy around June/July. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact Anne at or visit our websites or for Germans and use the contact forms to get more information. We wish you all a beautiful beginning of spring! Enjoy the first rays of sunshine and the first spring flowers that are slowly coming out of the ground. And above all: stay healthy!

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Our foster children :-)

Hello everyone 🙂

This morning I wrote with Suda, the care worker of our foster children from Mae La Noi and she sent me some great videos. The children are always happy writing letters to their foster parents and are especially happy when they can draw them pictures, too. Isn’t that cute? 🥰The common goal of Raintree Foundation and Thai Care e.V. Germany is to provide a good and healthy life for children in the mountains. They work closely together and Thai Care manages our sponsorship program from Germany. If you are interested in helping a child to grow up, please contact me at and I will send you more information about a sponsorship.

Kind regards,Anne Brouer (1st chairwoman Thai Care e.V. Germany)

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Nothing better than Happy Children !

“Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. “What a treasure to see how happy the children in our children‘s home are ❤️

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A little Christmas story…..

A little Christmas story from Germany that happened today:The Christ Child seems to come in the form of a young man with a mask this year. 👼🏼 The doorbell just rang at the door of my mom Elfriede (2nd chairwoman of Thai Care e.V.). An unknown young man was standing at the door and asked if he could drop something off there for Thai Care. Soon after the young man left my mom told me on the phone about the extraordinary encounter: “And then he took out two crumpled envelopes from the inside of his jacket pocket, smoothed them out and handed them to me. I wished him a Merry Christmas and then he left. He must have parked his car at the neighbors’ on purpose. Maybe to remain anonymous?”I asked her on the phone to open the envelopes.”Anne, there’s money in there. And don’t ask how much!!! One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, it doesn’t even stop *laughs*, one thousand six hundred, ….. two thousand five hundred euros! And no name, nothing! Just a note ‘for Thai Care’, I cannot believe it!”And on my request she opened the second envelope: “Here is also only a small note ‘for Anne – one nicely visit to the restaurant’ with 100 euros in it!”We are now both speechless… and will certainly remain speechless for some time. Maybe I will reach the very extraordinary Christ Child this way:I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to you. Really, I am deeply touched and infinitely grateful. You cannot imagine how happy the children will be about this gift.And I am especially happy that there are people like you. Not because you have donated so much money. But because you are so selfless in this, for many of us, difficult time and your heart is obviously so big that you give a part of your heart to our Thai children on Christmas Eve. THANK YOU.This year has been particularly crazy, I think everyone of us will agree on that. But the fact that such positively crazy events happen again and again makes life worth living. Let’s all look confidently into the future and hope that we will get through the difficult times well and healthy.I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and a healthy and positive New Year!Lots of love, Anne Brouer(1st chairwoman of Thai Care e.V.)

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Merry Christmas

We are very thankful for all friends, families, individuals, supporters, and helpers. Without you 2020 wouldn’t have been as successful as it has been! Even in difficult times we will never loose our focus to “help people, so they can help themselves”!

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