“Photographerswithoutborders” presents the work of the Raintree Foundation!

The Canadian non-profit organization works with volunteers from the field of photography and film, as they are invaluable in communicating news, sharing perspectives, promoting intercultural understanding, and inspiring others. This is why PWB (photographerswithoutborders) is increasingly committed to organizations that have a significant impact in areas such as health, education, conservation, human rights, sustainability and innovation.
We are, of course, very excited that PWB has also found the way to us and has created a really great report our biosand filters.
If you would like to read their report you’ll find it here (click on the picture to follow the link):

2017-07-13-TS BLOG Photographerwithoutborders

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Look how happy the kids are!

A big thank you to the hardworking donors who have crafted every single part with much love and care!
The mother of Philip has crocheted many dolls and small animals, and Trixi and her friends made hats and socks.
Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done! Look how happy the children are!

2017-07-06-TS BLOG Handmade Dolls

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30 more Water Filters installed

30 more families having now safe and clean drinking water through BioSand Filter. Thank you for all your support 🙂

2017-06-28-TS BLOG 30 BSF

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Foster Trip in the rainy season in Northern Thailand

Our latest foster children trip was interrupted by heavy rain falls and muddy roads and made it some days impossible to drive to the villages. But our office staff and our local field staff don’t mind difficult situations and took the challenge again. For us it is important to see our foster children regularly to ensure they are well taken care of, they are healthy and nourished well and to just chat with them if there are any issues, problems or else. The aim is to equip and enable them, to attend school for a better future perspective. If you are interested in our foster program or our other projects just contact us for English www.raintree-foundation.org or for German www.thaicare.de!

2017-05-31-TS BLOG Foster Trip


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Annual Report 2016

Finally we are ready and happy to present our “Annual Report 2016”. A small summary of what we achieved throughout 2015, pictures, facts and our financial report. Hopefully you enjoy it!

2017-05-25-TS Annual Report 2016

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Surprising visit for one of our foster children

During the Thai New Year “Song Kran” the foster parent Patric came to Northern Thailand and went with our Team to visit his foster child. Jansu is a 13 year old girl living with her sick mother in a remote village. Their house is a simple bamboo structure without running water and a barely functioning bathroom. But Jansu attends school regularly, gets good grades and her dream is to become a nurse when she graduates. She helps to plant vegetables, harvest rice and help her mother wherever she can.

Without our foster program she would not be able to attend school that’s why support is priceless and Patric took the opportunity to visit her in person. It was a big surprise and beside a few new items for the mother and their kitchen, Jansu got a new backpack for school and a few new clothes. She is such a strong and confident girl and we are so grateful to being able to support her.

If you would like to know more about us and our program please get in touch with us via our website www.raintree-foundation.org or write an email at paten@thaicare.de

2017-04-25-TS BLOG Jansu Foster visit Patric

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Fun at the 3D Museum

Last weekend the children from the children’s home in Mae Hae visited the Paradise in Art Museum in Chiang Mai.
The children had a lot of fun to “beam into” all sorts of situations. Whether as pandas, surfers or in a lava landscape … they really enjoyed the day trip. 🙂
Thanks to our house parents and our girls from the office in Chiang Mai who accompanied the children and offered them a great day!

2017-03-31-TS BLOG Mh kids in 3D Mueseum CNX

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