Advanced WASH Training

– soap and tooth powder workshop for children at Eden student home –

At our Eden student home, we organize workshops on soap and tooth powder for children and staff. They have learned how to “cold process” soap from oil so they may do it later on their own. Additionally, they use herbs from their garden to make tooth powder. Both of the things can help the students save money by teaching them how to make recipes with items that are inexpensive and simple to locate. Moreover they can sell it later to make extra money.

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Construction is still going on!

We are happy that our Garden Eden interns Teerasak and Sornphet have been part of our team for almost a year now. Therefore, we are currently building rooms for them at our Garden Eden. We are excited to see when they’re done.

Thank you for your great help 🙂

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This is what happy children look like :-)

A huge package arrived at the Thai office with many great gifts from a foster parent. Helga not only sent gifts for her meanwhile 6 (!!) foster children, but also gave gifts to children from the waiting list who are still looking for a foster parent.

Many thanks to Helga!

You make a lot of children happy 🙂

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Staff Retreat

Due to the pandemic we haven’t had a staff retreat for 2 years. Finally we were able to have one this year!

Every staff member from all our projects can spend time together and share information and experiences about working on their projects. We also enjoyed sight seeing at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden and hot spring.

We had such a good time together. 🙂

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ECHO Asia Workshops

The Garden Eden staff attended two workshops at the ECHO Asia Impact Center. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) was a workshop on rice planting for better yields. Another workshop was about bananas called “Bananas are more than Bananas.” They now know that bananas can be consumed in a variety of ways. They had a good time and learned some things that they may use in our garden. #ECHOASIA

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Melanie is back!

Our former office volunteer Melanie and her husband visited their foster child Panyalak this summer.

The little girl was so excited that she could barely sleep the night before they came to see her.

They got her wonderful gifts: a bike, a bracelet and even a drawing from their German nephew.

Melanie and her husband were also able to visit Panyalak’s class and they had a

wonderful time together!

Please come back soon ♥️

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Visit of foster parents from Switzerland

During the last days a foster family from Switzerland visited their two foster children Phutthakhun and Lanna together with Noei from the RTF office.

On Sunday the group already drove to Mae La Noi to leave early from there to Phutthakhun’s school on Monday morning. There they spent a nice time with him and his classmates and presented gifts.

Then they got back into the car for 1.5 hours, due to the rainy season the roads were very muddy and rough. Finally arrived, the foster parents used the time to play soccer together with their foster child Lanna and her classmates during the break. When the break was over, the family was allowed to join Lanna in her classroom and gave fruit, milk and toys to Lanna and all her classmates.

Everyone was very happy to have finally met “live” and had a great time together.

THANK YOU for being there and making your foster children so happy ❤

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Clean water for our foster children

Finally some bio sand filters could be delivered after this hadn’t been possible for months due to Corona. This time filters from donors whose child/children are in our foster children program were also brought to the families.

Thank you very much to the sponsors for not only being there for “your” Thai children month after month, but additionally making sure that the family has clean and germ-free drinking water.


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News from our foster children

After a long break, our team from Chiang Mai was finally allowed to visit the foster children at home and in their schools.

Due to Corona it was not possible to go to the mountains for months. So everyone was quite happy that it finally worked out.

Talking face to face about the children instead of just talking on the phone was a huge relief for our office team and stuff from the mountains. As you can see in the pictures: everyone had a great time and enjoyed the visit very much. 🙂

All the children are healthy and happy to be back at school regularly.

The letters for the foster parents are already in Germany and will be sent to them the next 2-3 weeks.

Have a nice weekend!

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Eyeglasses !!!!

We have the view!

In the city of Chiang Mai, 10 collection boxes are distributed everywhere in optician stores, which have now been emptied. A total of 187 used eyeglasses were donated.

In addition to the used eyeglasses, the optician Diamond Optic has donated 306 new eyeglasses, which will bring the residents in the mountains a good view in the future.

Many thanks to the donations! Anyone who wears glasses themselves can imagine how great it is to be able to see clearly!

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