A great report about two retirees who…

…are traveling as backpackers!
On one of their exciting trips they made a stopover at the Hot Coffee in Mae Na Chorn!
If you also understand German please read here what they write about their impressions:


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Wonderful Pictures

A few months ago Erin Shepley from Photographers without borders https://www.photographerswithoutborders.org/ visited us in Chiang Mai. (2018) Our office team took her on a trip to the foster children and Erin shot really great pictures!
Click the link to find more of her photographs: http://erinshepleyphotography.com/

We will present a selection in a slideshow soon.
Here’s a little taste of what you get if you combine a great photographer with cute and happy children 


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Save the Date – 10th Anniversary Thai Care e.V.

Happy Birthday to our partner Thai Care e.V. from Germany! 🎊
9 years ago Thai Care was founded and we are happy to announce that they will celebrate a big party next year on their 10th anniversary!
Safe the date: 20.06.2020
More info will follow soon 🎈


10th Anniversary Thai Care e.V..jpg

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English Camps 2019

Last month the summer vacations for the students took place. To escape boredom, the current volunteers organized several English camps for the children together with the RTF.
In three different camps, games and fun were combined with learning English for 2-3 days.
With their great activities the volunteers created an unforgettable time for the children.
Although learning English was firmly in focus, the games provided a lot of fun and strengthened the team spirit of each group!
The best moment for the children (but also for the volunteers) was certainly the water battle in the afternoon, to refresh each other from the heat.
We would like to thank our volunteers for their great commitment!!! It’s great to have you 



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German Ambassador visit Raintree Foundation

The German Ambassador, Mr Schmidt, has traveled all the way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with his electric car to visit various German organizations and foundations in Chiang Mai together with the German consul, Mr Hagen from Chiang Mai.
They also visited the Raintree Foundation and we introduced our newest project: a future dormitory in Doi Saket, where 10 girls and 10 boys aged 15-20 years will live together with house parents who will take care of them. Under the motto “helping people to help themselves”, the children will visit vocational training schools, colleges or the university and have all the opportunities they need for a good education in a safe environment!
The best part is that the German Embassy will financially support our project! That helps us a lot ❤️

If you are interested in more information about our new project or would like to support us financially, feel free to contact us via PM or info@raintree-foundation.org !

German Ambassador at Raintree

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Search for Foster Parents

Shortly before we start Songkran holidays in Thailand and the Easter Holidays in Germany, we would like to introduce you to our little stars from our waiting list. 
These children are still looking for a foster parent!
If you are interested in a sponsorship, you can get more information on https://raintree-foundation.org/become-a-foster.html or on our German website https://www.thaicare.de/unterstütze-uns/werde-pate/

If you would like to get more information about a specific child, please contact info@thaicare.de!
(Of course at anytime during the holidays! We are always there for you!)

Foster Children 2019

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World Water Day !!!

We also celebrate and wanted to say “Thank You” to all support we received during all those years to bring safe and clean drinking water to over 2.000 families.

2019-03-22 World Water Day

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