Great time and activity with the PCZ Team

Just right at the beginning of this week we were glad to have the team of the PCZ (Payap Christian Zone) with us in the mountains. The 14 interns, the pastor and our volunteer Micha had done a great job in planning and arranging a 3 day program in the Mae Hae children’s home. The first day was a full day at the local school with a lot of games, teaching, singing and for sure a lot of fun. The second day we removed a hut which was used to dry coffee bean and relocated it on another spot on the children’s home. That was perfect to demonstrate real team work and a great experience for everyone. The evenings were filled with songs, games, drama play and stories and we all had a good time together. It was awesome to show the children in the children’s home that other people also care about them and are dedicated to train and teach them and show them different games and songs and also share about their own lives. If you also want to know more about our projects please contact us through our webpage

2015-06-21-TS PCZ Trip MH17

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New BioSand Water Filter Installed

Thanks to Kevin for his support and dedication. From now on 18 more families have safe and clean drinking water for themselves and their children. That ensures that they are able to stay healthy and not waste any money on medicine and hospital costs for water borne diseases plus no downtimes on their farmland job as well as the children in school. If you want to know more about our work or the water filters please contact us

2015-06-18-TS BSF Kevin11-002

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Thank you Anja and friends

It was very nice to catch up with Anja again, who visited Thailand the first time 3 years ago. Right from the beginning she was dedicated to help the children and collecting donations throughout the year. Mostly on public events and Christmas market but also through self made handicraft sales and close friends. We have been able to use the donation right away for the children home in Mae Na Chorn to buy new shoes, socks, mosquito nets, backpacks and schools supplies for the 30 students in the home. Anja joined us on our trip to the children home and witnessed the happy faces and big smiles of the children receiving the goods. We want to thank Anja and her friends and all people involved to make these happen. If you want to know more about our work, please have a look on our webpage or

2015-05-25-TS Mae Na Chorn Anja

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Welcome Maddi

We don’t want to miss the opportunity to welcome our newest team member Maddi, or Madeleine, who is working with our team since the beginning of April. Maddi will be majorly responsible to manage and coordinate our foster children program as well as being closely in touch with the foster parents. If you want to know about our foster program or our organization you can contact Maddi directly on or

2015-05-18-TS Maddi Welcome

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THANK YOU CLAUDIA for the great time with us !!! It was nice having you in our team and we all will miss your smiles and personality, your dedication towards the children and all the hard work you’ve done.
We wish you and your family all the best for the future.

2015-05 claudia

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New foster children need help

Presently the Rain Tree Foundation and ThaiCare e.V. are supporting over 90 foster children in Northern Thailand. Our aim is to provide help and support to those who are in need without taking the children into a children home. The sponsored families are in difficult situations and therefore not able to provide essential things like proper food, clothes, toys, medical care etc.

With a monthly support we can provide the children with healthy and enough food, proper accommodation and bedding, possibility to attend schools, clothes and school uniforms, toys, medical and dental care, a birthday gifts, and summer camps.

Now we have a couple of new children and families which depending on additional help. With a little contribution you can change the live of a child dramatically for the better and enable them to have a positive and good future perspective.

If you want to know more about our foster program or want to take direct action please contact us to receive more details and information.

2015-03-19 TS Foster request

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50 more Bio Sand Filters successfully installed

It is great to see the ongoing support towards our foundation to help the underprivileged to receive clean drinking water. We have been able to deliver and install 50 more bio sand filter units in the village Ban Mae Pa Kee. Thanks to the generous support of the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok (which was an add on from their last 200 filter project in 12.2014), Immuno Tools, the Gesinas Stiftung and a lot of friends and private donors. Water borne diseases are still common all over the world and are not only responsible for the dead of many children but also has a big influence for families concerning income, sick days at home, medicine and hospital costs, just to name a few. We know we can’t change the whole world but at least we can improve and change the lives of the people living around us. If you want to know more about our work and projects, don’t hesitate to contact us through our webpage

2015-03-04-TS BSF Installation

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