Winner !

We are so happy to see the achievements of the children!
Chanchai, one of the children from our foster project, won the first price in a race at a school competition. He was the fastest runner at his age in the whole district. But not only that…
About 2 weeks later the province competition took place where the best children from the district took part. And guess what, Chanchai won the province race as well and got honored with a trophy and a certificate for his sporting achievements.
We are happy to see our children taking their own steps and reach their goals in all different kinds of activities.
If you also want to know more about our foundation and what we do please don’t hesitate to contact us!
For English and for German and please LIKE our pages on FaceBook.

2017-03-09-TS BLOG Chanchai won price

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Renovation of the Mae Hae children’s home

Renovation of the Mae Hae children’s home – Thank You Helmut & Uli and all supporters and donors for your help to renovate the home to flourish in new resplendence…..but have a look yourself….
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Our partner ThaiCare has a new webpage

Our partner Thai Care e.V. has got a new website! 
The German-speaking fans of the Raintree Foundation can now read all the RTF texts in German.
For us it’s important to show that we are a unit, so we do have the same texts and information on our websites!


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Nid and Noah

Last weekend I came across a former project child on Facebook, who left our children’s home in 2014 and I would like to share the story with you:

Nid lived for years in one of our children’s homes together with her older brother Noah and her younger brother Seubsak. The half-orphans come from a remote village in the mountains. Since the mother was left alone after the father’s death, they came to our Mae Na Chorn children’s home.
So I was on Facebook and commented on a photo, on which she is to be seen and suddenly a private message comes up and Nid writes with really good English. She says that she has been studying at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University for almost a year now and will become a primary school teacher. I was totally flashed! It is so great to see that the children use their good education to make something out of their lives! In the further conversation she also told me about her brother.
I remember Noah very well, although my volunteering in Mae Na Chorn was in 2010. Noah inspired me back then. He was not only inquiring and sympathetic, but also fascinated me with his musical talent. He always played the guitar at our evening meetings. And as one of the older home children he guided the younger ones in a quiet but nevertheless determined way! I’ve always hoped to follow Noah’s path. Nid reported that Noah is now working as a cook and sent me a photo of him right away!
The developments of these two are perfect examples of the importance of education in the childhood, and it also shows clearly that the work of the RTF and Thai Care effects children in a great way.
Nid and Noah were able to grow up safely and healthy in the children’s home. Our house parents have raised them with patience, love and consistency to great young adults and the opportunity to attend school has opened all ways for them. The additional English lessons given by our volunteers are just the icing on the cake.

And that is why I love the work for Thai Care and the Raintree Foundation!
Anne ☺


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From Germany to Thailand by bicycle!

Finally Simon arrived in Thailand after 325 days on the road, through 19 countries and 16,216 kilometers. Deep respect for such an achievement and persistence not giving up and going all the way.

Simon started in February 2016 from Germany not only to fulfill his own dream but also towards a charitable reason, helping children in need. In cooperation with and Simon set up a webpage and a Facebook page called EcoVelo with the possibilities to read about his adventurous journey and see beautiful pictures he took on his way. But also with the dedication towards the children, people are able to donate and support Simon’s cause.

We have been so glad to welcome Simon together with the kids from the children’s home in Mae Na Chorn to show our appreciation.

If you want to know more about Simon’s trip please read his blog on his page and if you still want to contribute towards the children you can help to donate here


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Water tap on … drinking water runs!

This is a self-evident process for all our friends. Many people do rarely think about how others have to prepare their water so they can drink it without getting sick.
1. collect the rain water or walk to the nearest river
2. search for firewood
3. heat the “oven”
4. boil the water (at least 20 minutes, so most bacteria get killed)
5. make sure that the fire doesn’t go out during the time (which is often a difficult act during the rainy season)
6. boil, boil, boil.. so there is always enough water to drink and to prepare food

What kind of time and effort this is for a 45-strong children’s home, you can easily calculate.
That is why we try to equip as many families and children’s homes as possible with a biosand filter.

Fill in dirty water above …. 80 liters of drinking water per day runs out!

That sounds more like our water tap principle, right? 😉

And that the filter runs over 10 years and kills over 99% of all bacteria is simply terrific!

If you would like to have more information about our biosand filters, please send an email to


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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